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Grape Seed Extract Facts

Grapes are commonly consumed by many people as part of a well-balanced diet. They are aware that grapes are beneficial to the body and have numerous health benefits. Many people are unaware that grape seed extract has been used in many medicinal treatments for many years. The entire grape, from the flesh to the leaves to the sap, can be ingested. The extract is extracted from the ground-up seed. After that, the grape seed extract is used in a variety of medical applications.

Grape Seed Extract: Benefits, Side Effects, Interactions & More
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Grape Seed Extract’s Origin

In Europe, grape seed extract has been used for many years. In reality, this extract has been used in medicine for thousands of years. The grape seed extract was used to cure various ailments, including the common cold and digestive issues.

Health Benefits Of Grape Seed Extract

Grape Seed Extract Health Benefits

Grape Seed Extract Benefits

It's clear that grape seed extract benefits are plentiful, but how can you see these health advantages in day-to-day life?

  • 1. Enhanced wound healing
  • The grape seed extract has been shown to aid wound healing by speeding up the healing process and reducing scarring.[1] The extract raises tenascin levels, a protein that aids in the formation of connective tissue that appears as pink skin as a cut heals. The powerful antioxidant promotes connective tissue function and boosts epidermal tissue creation, making it stronger and healthier after healing.[2]

  • 2. Reduced inflammation
  • Grape seed extract can help reduce swelling induced by surgery or an accident more quickly. Its OPCs aid in reducing the symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, which causes pain, edema, and visible veins in the legs.[3]

  • 3. Improved cardiovascular health
  • Grape seed extract's antioxidants can help protect blood vessels from damage, leading to higher blood pressure and better overall cardiac function.[4]

  • 4. Improved cognition
  • The grape seed extract has been linked to an increase in response speed and psychomotor skills in older adults, potentially slowing and reducing the cognitive signs of aging.

  • 5. Improving bone strength
  • When combined with calcium, grape seed extract has a “beneficial effect on bone growth and bone strength for the treatment of bone debility induced by a low calcium level.”[5]

  • 6. Preventing skin cancer
  • Proanthocyanidins, which are found in grape seeds, may help to prevent cancer. Grape seeds have been shown to have qualities that can help to minimise the severity of skin cancer, according to a study.
    Grape seed extracts “may be effective in the reduction of the detrimental UV-induced health effects in human skin.”

Grape Seed Extract Side Effects

While grape seed extract is thought to be safe, it does have certain potential negative effects. Headache, itching scalp, and dizziness are some of the mild adverse effects of this extract. If you have any of these conditions, you should take this supplement in smaller quantities. Grape seed oil supplements should not be taken by persons who are allergic to grapes. If a person has a bleeding issue, they should consult a doctor before using grape seed extract. Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid using this extract. Children should not take this supplement or extract, although the fleshy part of the grape or grape juice is entirely safe for them to eat.

Grape Seed Extract Dosage and its Uses in Supplement

There is no specific amount of grape seed extract that a person should take. A person should take between 100 and 300 milligrammes of calcium every day, according to experts. If a person experiences a side effect, they should eat less of the extract. To supplement the effects of the extract, a person can eat grapes.

Interactions with Grape Seed Extract

Many people can safely take grape seed extract. Before using this extract, please consult a doctor or other healthcare practitioner to ensure that it will not interact negatively with any other medications. Blood thinners, NSAID medicines like aspirin, specific heart medications, and cancer treatments will all be less effective as a result of the extract. If a person isn't feeling well after taking grape seed extract, they should stop taking it until they consult with their doctor to ensure that it's safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is grape seed extract?

A: The grape seed extract is a dietary supplement derived from the seeds of wine grapes used to treat various ailments, including venous insufficiency (when veins have trouble delivering blood from the legs back to the heart), wound healing, and inflammation reduction.[6]

Proanthocyanidins, which have been researched for various health issues, are found in grape seed extract.

Q: Can grape seed extract be naturally gotten from foods?

A: The grape seed extract is made from grapes. There are no additional food sources.

Q: What is grape seed extract good for?

A: The grape seed extract is helpful for the treatment of several conditions. Grape seed extract may help with cardiovascular conditions, poor blood circulation, and high cholesterol, reduce swelling caused by injury, and help with diabetes-related eye disease.

The grape seed extract is good because it contains antioxidants.

Q: How to use grape seed extract?

A: The grape seed extract is made from grapes. There are no additional food sources.

If you're thinking about taking herbal supplements, talk to your doctor first. You might also want to speak to a practitioner who specialises in herbal or health supplement use.

Use grape seed extract as indicated on the box or as directed by your doctor, pharmacist, or other healthcare practitioners if you choose to use it. Use only as much of this product as the label specifies.

Without seeking medical advice, do not take multiple forms of grape seed extract (tablets, grape seed extract liquid, grape seed extract oil, grape seed extract teas, etc.) at the same time. When you combine multiple formulations, you run the danger of overdosing.

Q: How to take grape seed extract?

A: Grape seed extracts are not suggested for children under the age of 18. Grapes, on the other hand, are a healthy and safe snack for kids.

For adults, grape seed extracts with specific amounts of proanthocyanidins are often available. To get the proper dose for your problem, speak with a qualified provider.

Q: Where can i buy grape seed extract powder?

A: Grape seed extract powder can be purchased in online retail stores or on the manufacturer's official website.

Q: Is grape seed extract good for high blood pressure?

A: Yes, grape seed extract can be used to treat and reduce high blood pressure.


Grape seed extract is one of the safest supplements to use and offers numerous health advantages. Even though this supplement has been proven safe, it is still recommended that you consult your doctor before using it. Antioxidants found in grapes can aid in the prevention of certain illnesses. In the past, grape seed extract was used to help prevent cancer and increase blood circulation. The entire grape, including the flesh, extract, and even the juice, has been used for health purposes. Grapes, as well as the extract, are accessible all year. This extract can assist a person in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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